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Sustainability goals are no longer a watchword. Global warming, biodiversity, human health and the legacy to future generations are responsibilities we all share. At LPI we weave these values and environmental priorities into the manufacturing process. Industry 4.0 automation reduces our carbon footprint, lowers scrap and energy consumption and removes the need for most single use accessories. 

The automated flow of parts and materials within the buildings minimizes movement and dust, saving energy and increasing quality by removing potential sources of contamination. 

LPI maintains ISO Class 5 clean room standards and is certified ISO 14001 for its environmental management systems with live monitoring of emissions and energy consumption. All waste is recycled under local authorities control and LPI is proud to conforms with the highest ecological rules and regulations in China. 



The automation of the LPI plant allow for a 2/3 reduction in its packaging materials and associated carbon footprint. By using reusable plastic creates and reusable foam layers in  combination with automated conveyers, there is no requirement for disposable cartons from start production until final packing before shipment. Removing cartons also reduces the amount of dust and particles in circulation, providing a cleaner and safer working environment and products.

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