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Our History

Founded in 1999 in Yuyao, the LPI group has focused since its inception on the manufacture of cosmetic packaging. Guided by the vision of a more sustainable future, the challenge of faster time to market and the improvement of working conditions,  

LPI has been investing in cleaner, safer and faster production means. Relying on the power of artificial intelligence LPI is the leading supporter of industry 4.0 in the field of cosmetic packaging industry in China. From an initial foothold in china, we now reach out to hundreds of customers and international brands worldwide, with offices in Europe, and representations in the USA, Canada, and Germany .


Together with our customers, we hope to build a better and more sustainable future.

Yuyao Jingyi Plastic founded in Zhejiang Province



ISO9001 Certification

Launch of LPI next generation 4.0 factory



ISO 14001 Certification

High Speed Digital Tooling Line launch, Opening of European Sales Office



Industry 4.0 Production Process

The LPI 4.0 Smart Factory is at the core of a virtuous circle benefiting both the environment, the workforce and consumers.


24/7 Fully Automated injection and handling  in reusable crates. 

Highly repeatable parts flow & process under AI control. ISO class 5 air quality control



AI statistical sampling control guarantees production conformity with 100% traceability down to each individual part.


Assembly and decoration. Automated conveyors deliver parts for assembly and print or surface treatment.

Strict digital monitoring for adherence  to environmental regulations.



Parts are packed for shipping and exit the factory.


Fast Tooling Line

The LPI high speed digital tooling line is a custom built robotic operation with the fastest and highest  tool making precision on the market.

All stages from steel cutting, milling and dimensional control are carried under the control of  proprietary LPI software and AI.

The tool manufacturing environment is hydro-static and thermostatic, with +/-2°c temperature variation, guaranteeing the highest steel precision and minimizing dilation effects.

A dimensional Precision of 5 microns is achieved, guaranteeing high quality repeatable parts for multi-cavity tooling.

Automation of the different stages of manufacture reduces tool making lead time to a minimum, achieving a record 3 weeks lead time for an 8 cavity injection molding tool.

5 Microns Processing Accuracy 

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